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  • Tax & Accounting
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Welcome to Ashraf Professionals

You are at the right place, we provide high-level income tax preparation services. Our complete client satisfaction package includes assessing your individual situation to identify tax savings and potential tax deferrals. We take great care in recognizing areas which can be utilized to minimize taxes and maximize refunds.

Our trained professional team take great pride in offering personalized attention providing both corporate and personal accounting services, ensuring clients receive the highest-quality, timely advice in all areas of accounting, financial and income tax planning to improve cash flow, save taxes, optimize allocation of funds and maximize return on investment.

Taxpayers are typically not fully aware of the deductions available to them and the benefits of tax planning via income splitting and other means. Our expertise in these areas and personal attention given to each individual sets us apart from tax preparers who process returns based solely on slips and information provided by the client.

We identify the deductions and credits available to individuals and ensure that each opportunity is utilized most efficiently.

Variety of Tax Returns & other services
  • Personal (T1) Tax Returns
  • Corporate (T2) Tax Returns
  • Self-Employed Tax Returns
  • Accounting & Payroll Services
  • Pay Stubs & T4 Slip
  • HST Returns
  • New Business Registration
  • Business Plan

Symbol of Ashraf Professionals
  • Professionalism
  • Differentiation
  • Specialization
  • Value recognition of clients
  • Ethics and zero tolerance of fraud
  • Accuracy, privacy and strict confidentiality
  • Deadline and commitment
Why Choose Us?
  1. We are committed to have an accurate tax filing for you.
  2. We are expert in personal and corporate tax filing.
  3. We have highly well experienced accountant professionals.

Professional service, highly experienced and great customer service!!

Shahinur Rahman
Toronto, ON

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